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Building a Strong and Inclusive Community at Adelaide Cobras At Adelaide Cobras, we believe that a vibrant and inclusive community is essential to our club's success. We are committed to fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among our members, as well as engaging with the wider community through various initiatives, events, and programs.A Diverse and Welcoming Club Environment We take pride in creating a diverse and welcoming environment for all our members, regardless of their age, gender, background, or ability. We value the unique perspectives and experiences that each member brings to our club and strive to cultivate a culture of mutual respect and support.
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Family Fun Day

Our Family Fun Day is a popular event that brings together club members and their families for a day of fun, games, and entertainment. This event is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen bonds between members and their families while enjoying various activities, such as:

  • Inflatable Obstacle Course: A fun and challenging obstacle course for kids and adults alike.
  • Face Painting: Kids and parents can enjoy getting their faces painted with their favorite designs.
  • BBQ and Picnic: Share a delicious meal with fellow club members while relaxing in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Club Events - Celebrating and Connecting with Our Community

Adelaide Cobras hosts a variety of club events throughout the year, providing opportunities for our members to connect, celebrate achievements, and create lasting memories. Our events are designed to cater to a wide range of interests and preferences, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Annual Awards Night and Gala

Our Annual Awards Night and Gala is a highlight of the Adelaide Cobras calendar. This prestigious event celebrates the achievements of our athletes and recognizes their hard work and dedication throughout the year. The evening includes award presentations, dinner, dancing, and plenty of opportunities to socialize with fellow club members.

Quiz Night

Our annual Quiz Night is a great opportunity for club members to put their knowledge to the test while enjoying an evening of friendly competition and camaraderie. Teams of club members compete in various trivia categories, with exciting prizes up for grabs.

Sports Tournaments and Friendly Competitions

Adelaide Cobras regularly hosts sports tournaments and friendly competitions, providing members with opportunities to showcase their skills and engage in friendly rivalry. Examples of such events include:

Cobras Cup: Our annual Cobras Cup brings together teams from across the region for a day of intense competition and sportsmanship.

Mixed Sports Day: This event offers club members the chance to participate in various sports and activities, fostering a spirit of friendly competition and enjoyment.

Community Engagement – Giving Back and Supporting Our Local Community

Adelaide Cobras is dedicated to making a positive impact on the local community. Our club actively participates in and supports various community initiatives and projects, helping improve the lives of those around us and creating a lasting legacy for our club.

Volunteering and Community Service Projects

Our members have the opportunity to contribute their time and skills to various community service projects and initiatives, such as:

  • Clean Up Day: Join fellow club members in cleaning up local parks and public spaces, demonstrating our commitment to environmental stewardship and community pride.
  • Charity Fundraiser: Participate in our annual charity fundraiser, raising funds and awareness for a local cause or organization.

Supporting Local Businesses and Organizations

Adelaide Cobras is committed to supporting the growth and success of local businesses and organizations. We actively collaborate with local partners and sponsors, creating mutually beneficial relationships that contribute to the prosperity of our community.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities: We offer a range of sponsorship opportunities, enabling local businesses to gain exposure and support our club’s programs and initiatives.
  • Community Partnerships: We collaborate with local community organizations, such as schools, charities, and sports clubs, to provide opportunities for joint events and initiatives that benefit the broader community.
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Community Outreach and Inclusion Programs

Adelaide Cobras is dedicated to providing opportunities for all members of our community to participate in football and connect with our club. We actively engage in outreach and inclusion programs, ensuring that our sport and club environment are accessible and welcoming to all.

  • Football for All: Our Football for All program is designed to engage with members of the community who face barriers to participation, such as individuals with disabilities or those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The program offers inclusive football training sessions and opportunities to get involved in club events and activities.
  • School Outreach: We partner with local schools to deliver football clinics and workshops, promoting the benefits of sport and encouraging young people to get involved in football and our club.

Join the Adelaide Cobras Community

If you’re passionate about football, community engagement, and creating a positive and inclusive environment, we invite you to join the Adelaide Cobras family. Whether you’re interested in playing, coaching, volunteering, or supporting our club, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and contribute to our vibrant community.

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Volunteering and Supporting Adelaide Cobras

There are many ways to contribute to the Adelaide Cobras community without being a club member. We welcome volunteers and supporters who are interested in helping with events, community projects, or offering their skills and expertise in various capacities.

  • Event Volunteers: Assist with the planning, organization, and execution of club events, such as our Annual Awards Night and Gala, Family Fun Day, or Quiz Night.
  • Community Project Volunteers: Contribute your time and skills to our community service projects and initiatives, such as our Clean Up Day or charity fundraisers.
  • Specialist Support: Share your professional expertise with our club, whether it be in marketing, graphic design, finance, or another specialized field.

Becoming a Club Member

Joining Adelaide Cobras as a club member is the first step in becoming a part of our community. As a member, you will enjoy numerous benefits, such as access to club events, opportunities to participate in our football programs, and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals.

  • Player Membership: If you’re interested in playing football for Adelaide Cobras, our player membership is the perfect option for you. This membership grants you access to our football programs, coaching, and competitive opportunities.
  • Social Membership: Our social membership is designed for individuals who want to be a part of our community without participating in football activities. As a social member, you can enjoy access to club events, social gatherings, and opportunities to support our club in various capacities.
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